Organising Committee


Conference Chairman

Prof. Andy Yeung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Conference Co-Chairlady

Dr Y.H. Venus Lun, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Session Chairs

Session A01: Shipping and Trade Dr Young-Tae Chang
Session A02: Maritime Law and Policy Drs Ling Zhu and S.K. Tai
Session AB1: Sea and Air Transport Dr Ching-Hui Tang
Session AB2: Safety and Security Professor Hong Yan and Dr Girish Gujar
Session B01: Issues on OBOR Dr Tsung-Chen Lee and Dr K.H. Lai
Session B02: Sustainability Professor Nan Liu
Session C01: Shipping and Port Dr Shuaian Wang
Session C02: Policy and Strategy Professor Roar Adland
Session CD1: Maritime Economics and Business Dr Meifeng Luo
Session CD2: Air Transport Dr Achim I. Czerny
Session D01: Infrastructure Development Professor Zhongzhen Yang
Session D02: Multimodal Transport Dr Khalid Bichou
Session E01: Shipping and Logistics Management Dr Noorul Shaiful Fitri Abdul Rahman
Session E02: Operations and Supply Chain Management Drs C.T. Daniel Ng and Yulan Wang
Featured Session on "OBOR Initiative" Professor Chin-Shan Lu
Featured Session on "Shipping Finance" Professor Petrus Choy and Dr Tsz Leung Yip

Industry Sessions Organising Committee

Mr Paul Li, Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association
Dr Eugene Y.C. Wong, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Mr Sunny Ho, The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council
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