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Production and Operations Management Society - Hong Kong Chapter

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) - Hong Kong Chapter was set up in March, 2009, with an objective to encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among scholars and professionals in Hong Kong in the field of Production and Operations Management, and foster the integration between Hong Kong and the international POM community. It runs an annual conference every winter.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is strategically located in Hung Hom, Kowloon, on a 9.34-hectare site adjacent to the Cross Harbour Tunnel. It is the largest tertiary institution in Hong Kong in terms of number of students, with approximately 32,000 full-time and part-time students. A wide range of courses which directly meets industrial, commercial and community needs are offered. In addition to meeting Hong Kong's manpower requirements, PolyU also makes significant contributions towards the territory's success by providing the public and private sectors with its expanding range of consultancy, professional training, and applied research services. Through these activities, the University maintains a strong partnership with the business and industrial sectors. Over the years, more than 310,000 young men and women have graduated from PolyU and its predecessors. The graduates have found their places in various sectors of the society, dedicating their knowledge and expertise to the building and development of Hong Kong's thriving economy.

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

The Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS) of Faculty of Business strives to provide quality and comprehensive education in logistics and maritime studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and Asia. The primary aims are to nurture highly effective managers and leaders through the development of contemporary educational materials and the use of innovative and teaching methods. In line with PolyU's tradition, LMS places strong emphasis on academic and applied research in various areas covering maritime, shipping, ports, supply chain management and transport logistics. It also provides professional training and consultancy services to the industries in such areas as maritime law, logistics IT, containerization, port benchmarking, operations research, simulation, shipping economics, and shipping finance. With close collaboration with the industries and dedication to real world application, LMS can bring the highest quality and the most up-to-date research findings and consultancy experience into classes, which will benefit the industry and the community as a whole. It is what LMS makes a difference in logistics and maritime education.


University of Macau

The University of Macau (UM) was founded in 1981. Its predecessor was the private University of East Asia. Through 34 years of development, UM has become a leading and the only public comprehensive university in Macao. Ever since its founding, UM has nurtured over 26,000 outstanding graduates for society.

UM now offers over 130 bachelor's, master's, PhD and other programs, conducted mainly in English, with some in Chinese, Portuguese or Japanese, through its Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, and Honours College, to more than 9,400 students.

In recent years UM is committed to reform its undergraduate curriculum, in order to educate outstanding graduates through a multifaceted approach. Concrete measures towards this end include: implementing a new "4-in-1" pedagogical model that consists of discipline-specific education, general education, research and internship education, and community and peer education, to meet students' varying needs in different stages; following the examples of world-class universities and introducing a residential college system to implement whole-person education; establishing Macao's first Honours College so that resources can be concentrated to produce future leaders for society; introducing new general education courses to help students become well-rounded graduates with a cross-disciplinary perspective and international competitiveness; implementing a research and internship program to create opportunities for undergraduates to participate in high-level scientific research projects; and enhancing career counselling to give students a head start in career planning.